Broker in Nepal: All list and their NEPSE TMS link

Broker in Nepal, its rich cultural heritage and welcoming people, Nepal is fast gaining popularity as a desirable destination for investment. A developing economy and growing international interest have necessitated the need for reliable and competent intermediaries.

Broker in Nepal

Broker in Nepal are instrumental in facilitating investment prospects and financial transactions in the country by providing necessary services in this regard. Also check out this article: Check IPO result

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You must know Broker Accounts in Nepal

A broker account is a specific type of financial account that enables investors to buy and sell assets on the financial markets, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Brokerage companies act as a bridge between investors and the securities market in Nepal, providing a venue for trading and guiding clients towards educated choices.

The Role of Broker in Nepal

Trading Facilitation

The primary function of brokers in Nepal is to facilitate the buying and selling of securities on behalf of their clients. Investors can place orders through the brokerage firm, which then executes the trades on the relevant stock exchanges.

Market Research and Analysis

Brokers in Nepal provide valuable market research and analysis to their clients. They offer insights into market trends, company performance, and economic developments to assist investors in making well-informed investment decisions.

Investment Advice

Knowledgeable brokers offer personalized investment advice based on their clients' financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. This guidance helps investors to align their investment strategies with their objectives.

Account Management

Brokers maintain individual investment accounts for their clients. They keep track of transactions, provide account statements, and handle administrative tasks related to the accounts.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Brokers play a crucial role during initial public offerings. They assist companies in going public by underwriting the shares and help investors in subscribing to these IPOs.

Regulatory Compliance

In Nepal, brokers are subject to strict regulatory oversight by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) and the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE). They must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by these entities to ensure fair and transparent dealings.

Choosing a best Broker in Nepal

As the number of brokerage firms in Nepal increases, investors need to consider several factors while selecting a broker. Some key ideas are here:

Reputation and Track Record

Look for a broker with a solid reputation and a proven track record of providing reliable services. Client testimonials and online reviews can offer valuable insights.

Range of Services

Assess the services offered by the brokerage firm, such as online trading platforms, research reports, and customer support. Choose a broker that aligns with your specific investment needs.

Fees and Commissions

Compare brokerage fees and commissions charged by different firms. While low fees are attractive, it is essential to consider the overall value of services provided.

Customer Support

Good customer support is vital, especially for new investors. Ensure that the broker provides prompt and helpful customer service.

Security Measures

Verify the security measures implemented by the broker to safeguard your personal and financial information during online transactions.

Here is the all list of broker in Nepal with their NEPSE TMS link:

B. No.Broker NameBranchLink
01Kumari Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Pokhara
03Arun Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu
04Opal Securities Investment Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu
05Market Securities Exchange Company Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu
06Agrawal Securities Pvt. Ltd.Ktm, Biratnagar, Janakpur
07J.F. Securities Company Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Dang
08Ashutosh Brokerage & Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Itahari
10Pragyan Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Biratnagar
11Malla & Malla Stock Broking Company Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu
13Thrive Brokerage House Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Pokhara
14Nepal Stock House Pvt. Ltd.Ktm, Pokhara,
Kailali, Nuwakot
16Primo Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Birgunj
17ABC Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Dharan
18Sagarmatha Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu
19Nepal Investment & Securities Trading Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Biratnagar
20Sipla Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu
21Midas Stock Broking Company Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Butwal
22Siprabi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Lalitpur
25Sweta Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu
26Asian Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Butwal
28Shree Krishna Securities LimitedKathmandu, Biratnagar
29Trishul Securities And Investment LimitedKathmandu, Bharatpur
32Premier Securities Company LimitedKathmandu, Pokhara
33Dakshinkali Investment Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Butwal
34Vision Securities Pvt. Ltd.Ktm, Bhw, Banepa,
Damauli, Kawasoti
35Kohinoor Investment and Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Pokhara
36Secured Securities LimitedKathmandu, Jhapa
37Swarnalaxmi Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Hetauda
38Dipshika Dhitopatra Karobar Co. Pvt. Ltd.Ktm, Chitwan, Kailali,
Lahan, Dolakha
39Sumeru Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Jhapa
40Creative Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Banepa
41Linch Stock Market LimitedKathmandu, Butwal
42Sani Securities Company LimitedKathmandu, Chitwan
43South Asian Bulls Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Jhapa
44Dynamic Money Managers Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Banepa
45Imperial Securities Co . Pvt. Ltd.Ktm, Surkhet, Nepalgunj
46Kalika Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Nepalgunj
47Neev Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Itahari
48Trishakti Securities Public LimitedKathmandu, Pokhara
49Online Securities Pvt. Ltd.Ktm, Dharan, Nuwakot
50Crystal Kanchenjunga Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Biratnagar
51Oxford Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Narayanghat
52Sundhara Securities LimitedKathmandu, Lamjung
53Investment Management Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Pokhara
54Sewa Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Hetauda
55Bhrikuti Stock Broking Co. Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Itahari
56Shree Hari Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Jhapa
57Araya Tara Investment And Securities Pvt. Ltd.Ktm, Butwal, Dang,
Bhairahawa, Palpa
58Naasa Securities Co. Limited.Ktm, Birgunj, Janakpur
59Deevyaa Securities & Stock House Pvt. Ltd.Ktm, Baglung, Parbat
60Nagarik Stock Dealer Company Limited.Kathmandu
61Bhole Ganesh Securities Limited.Kathmandu
62Capital Max Securities Limited.Kathmandu
63Himalayan Brokerage Company Limited.Kathmandu
64Sun Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu
65Sharepro Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu
66Miyo Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu
67Property Wiard Limited.Kathmandu
68Elite Stock House LimitedKathmandu-
69Index Securities LimitedKathmandu-
70Infinity Securities LimitedKathmandu-
71Shubkamana Securities Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu-
72Hatemalo Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu-
73Money World Share Exchange Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu-
74Kalash Securities Pvt LtdKathmandu-

Broker in Nepal play a vital role in the country's financial ecosystem by connecting investors to the securities market and facilitating investment opportunities. With the increasing interest in Nepal as an investment destination, the importance of competent and reliable brokerage firms cannot be overstated.

As an investor, doing a thorough research and choosing the right broker can contribute significantly to a successful investment journey in this picturesque Himalayan nation. Remember to stay informed, set clear investment goals and seek professional advice from experienced brokers to make the most of the diverse investment opportunities available in Nepal. Also check out this article: How to Apply for an IPO in Nepal?

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