Will the new taxi cab raise fares?

Kathmandu. The government has set a new standard for registration and leasing of only 500cc gasoline-powered vehicles as taxis.

This has prevented 100 cc of cars from being made into a taxi, but the taxi drivers and businessmen are conditioned to enforce this standard of government, raising the fare rate. 'Their demand for taxi fares is increasing. But Ahily has also re-conditioned the rent rate review to apply the new criteria.

Price calculation
The new taxis will now be sedans (Lamas) only as per the criteria applicable from November 1.

Earlier, the hatchback was used as a taxi. Usually, the price of a sedan is much cheaper than a hatchback. Earlier, a taxi could be bought for Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1 lakh. The price of the 100cc sedan available in the Nepalese market is above 90/1 lakh.

New locksmith central locking, air conditioner (AC), printer with digital meter, GPS navigation system with LED screen is mandatory. With the addition of AC features, the price of a new taxi will increase significantly.

The government has imposed a four-cylinder four-cylinder engine sedan with only a taxi.

According to Bishnu Chauhan, coordinator of the taxi service and the Driver Services Society, a central member and accounting committee, the engine taxi that consumes more than 100 cc of engine oil consumes more than the old. "Now the cost of a taxi rental car is equal to Rs 1 lakh," says Chauhan.

Chauhan, a member of the government, said that the government has done injustice to the businessmen by introducing new standards without making them a rent-scientist.

He said there are no businessmen in the area who can buy a taxi according to the criteria. "The government has taken action against businessmen and self-employed drivers by setting a standard for raising taxi costs without addressing the issue of fare adjustments," he says, adding that "the standard that should be applied only by setting a scientific fare rate."

Earlier, a company used a sedan as a taxi. But the taxi businessmen say that the vehicle was submerged by the businessman.

The department says: Don't run for losses

The Department of Transportation does not agree with the taxi drivers and businessmen. Director and Spokesperson Tirtha Raj Khanal in the department said that this criteria has been applied and that it should be accepted by the conditional entrepreneur. 'If you have a deficit, why use it?' Khanal says, 'If you use a taxi then you have to meet the criteria.'

The department has also said new standards have been introduced to standardize taxi services. The government claims that the new criteria will be addressed, including bumping the head and knees on the vehicle, the slightest discomfort, the inability to get on a taxi on a bumpy and difficult road.

Similarly, Govan Hamal, director general of the department, said that new taxis have been introduced in the tourism year for the purpose of increasing the quality of taxis. According to these criteria, when taking service in a commuter taxi, the condition of staying in a narrower vehicle like before would be abolished.

Question on security features too
Not only the businessmen on the new criteria, but also the transportation consumerists have been harassed on security features. They say the safety of the driver and passengers will be a risk if the air bag is not compulsory in the taxi.

'Taxi rides for 5 km per hour in the ring road; taxis are now serving outside the ring road. In this case, the taxi had to have security features along with the airbag, 'says Ram Bahadur Thapa, a consumer rights activist.

Spokesman of the Department of Transportation, Khanal, however, said that such features are not required on urban roads as the taxi does not pass on the highway. 'Why need an airbag in a slow-moving taxi in the city? Those who do not know where the airbag opens will ask, 'Khanal said.

What is the rental rate of electricity?
The government has now opened the way for the use of electric vehicles as taxis.

A 90kW taxi has been made mandatory for electricity. The electric cab will have a lithium ion battery. But the taxi cab fare is not fixed.

Buying an electric vehicle is expensive initially, and its operating costs are very cheap. Accordingly, there is a need to set separate rates for electric taxis.

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