Telecom prepaid SIM free when opening an account at National Commercial Bank

Nepal Telecom is going to provide GSM prepaid mobile SIM free to the customers who have opened a new account at National Commercial Bank.

The agreement was signed between Nepal Telecom and the National Commercial Bank today, the Telecom said in a statement. The agreement was signed on behalf of Telecom by Managing Director Dilliram Adhikari and Chief Executive Officer Kiran Kumar Shrestha on behalf of the bank. The bank will provide the SIM of the company free of cost to the customer who has opened a new account from 6 branches across the country. The SIM will also have a charge value of Rs.50

Speaking on the occasion, Managing Director of Telecom said that cooperation between the nation's largest telecommunication company and National Commercial Bank, which has the largest financial network, will enhance the business growth and efficiency of both the companies. He said that with the cooperation of the two institutions, there will be an effective environment for building a digital economy and the people of the country will reach financial access.

Chief Executive Officer of the bank Shrestha said that the agreement between Nepal Telecom with more than 200 million subscribers and the National Commercial Bank, which has more than 1 lakh subscribers, will greatly benefit the financial and technological group.

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