Namrata Shrestha was submerged by name

Whoever is hungry for his name will be. Everyone wants their name to be known by their work. However, sometimes the same name causes problems for someone. She is having this problem now, humbly.

As soon as Namrata Shrestha remembers everyone who has worked in successful films including 'I have a friend, November Rain, Classics, Prasad'. However, there is another actress in the film field, whose name is also Namrata Shrestha.

Namrata Shrestha, who was dubbed the 'Knot' movie, is struggling to make herself known now. She is finding it difficult to identify with another actress, Namrata Shrestha, who is also in the film field when she is named after a successful heroine.

Humility considers herself an 'unlucky' heroine. In the meantime, her name goes to match the successful heroine. She says - 'It's been 2 years since I came to the field of film. I am constantly working on films. But, I rarely know the viewer. If my name was not related to me, my sister would know me to some extent. '

Humble if you do not think about changing the name when coming to the movie area. However, she did not change her name for fear of losing her identity. 'Everyone has called me humble since I was a kid. How do I get into a new introduction all of a sudden? ', She says, with a question,' If I didn't know me again? '

Some friends also say that humility is losing its reputation as a successful heroine. Friends say, 'It works well. But, because of the name, it sank. ”It is also something that is humble.

'Little' humility has also met with 'big' humility. There was talk of something similar in their meeting. Great humility also asked, 'Why not change the name?' Humility was not the answer to humility. Fiske smiled.

He believes that the film sector will be known for his good work. However, even in this matter, we consider ourselves 'unlucky'. She says - 'I am getting offers from the movie. I have been trying to select good films from the films that are offered. But my choice is wrong or not a good movie.

Humbley's new movie 'Fish Fishing' is set for release. In this movie she has worked with Sougat Malla. The expectation of humility from this movie is very high. She said: “I have had the opportunity to work with the bad team. The movie is also well made. It is hoped that the viewer knows himself. '

Although humility was expected to be known from the first film 'Knot'. But, in the movie, the thought of humility was reversed. She did not see the failure of the movie.

However, humility is regarded as the important film of his career. She said, "Probably because of the same movie, I am still getting work in the movie."

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