How much weight do you drink because of the weight?

According to the advice of doctors and nutritionists, people should drink at least 2 glasses or about two liters of water a day. But how much water you drink through out the day depends on the body's weight and diet. How much water does a person have to drink? Let's know the formula:

Know your weight first. To know how much water is needed for a body, first you need to know your body weight. Because the amount of water required for a person who weighs 5 kg and weighs 5 kg varies. Water is also helpful for various activities ranging from the removal of toxins in the body to metabolism and digestion.

Drink water like this
After you know the weight of your tongue, divide it by 3. When you do this, start drinking as much liter of water as you can. For example, if you weigh 5 kg you need to drink 1 liter of water a day. A person weighing 5 kg should drink 1.5 liters of water.

Too much water during exercise
During exercise, a lot of sweat comes out of the body and water begins to decrease. Due to lack of water, dryness and digestive problems begin. So to prevent such problems, you must drink at least one glass of water every half hour after exercise. Also fruits and juice should be eaten enough.

It is not necessary to drink only water to meet the amount of water required for the body. For this, fruits and other foods containing high water content should be included in the meal. In the body, 0.5% of water is supplied by the foods we eat. For example, an apple contains 3 ml of water. Similarly, fruits like melons, oranges also have plenty of water

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