Former player who has overseas volleyball team

Exam Gurung, who made a unique introduction to Nepali national women's volleyball, is in the UK this time. Introducing 'National Player' from the 8th National Games, she performed consistently well, representing from Gandaki. But five years ago, after leaving the marriage, they left Nepal.

But the affinity for sports and country remained the same. Gurung, who left the country, could not quit volleyball in Britain. There she is now playing at the local 'Aldershot Volleyball Club'. He has now provided sports materials, including jerseys, to Nepali Bhubal team in the 8th.

Gurung-affiliated UK club Aldershot has distributed jerseys to a volleyball player who is scheduled to be under the tune on Friday. The jerseys and shorts were handed over to a practicing player at the Beach Volleyball Court under construction at Pokhara-3 Barahi Maidan. Most of the teammates have friends who have played together.

His father Kharkman Gurung and his mother Gita Devi Gurung were handed over the jersey to the volleyball team. Kurkman Gurung, a father, said that the daughter could not leave the volleyball even though she moved to the UK five years ago. 'In Britain, too, daughter plays volleyball from the same club. There are also considered good players, 'said Gitadevi Gurung, the mother of the exams,' there have been great players many times. '
His former coach, Kaushila Khatri, however, is in a dilemma as to whether Gurung is a former player. She is coming to participate in the national game here. She has also played in the sixth and seventh national sports, representing Gandaki, "said Khatri, a training coach for beach volleyball under sag.

He was happy to assist the players though. "We are delighted to have a player who is abroad and remembers our country this way," she said. Court completed 5 percent

A volleyball court in Pokhara under the teak is being constructed on Pokhara-3 Barahi ground. The Kaski District Volleyball Association reported that five percent of the work was done with only 3 weeks left to start the game.

The practice of beach volleyball has started in Nepal for the first time, said union president Bhim Parajuli. 'The sand required for beach volleyball is not the same here. So the work is being delayed, 'he said,' but if the sand was comfortable, the ground would have been ready a week earlier. '

According to Parajuli, middle volleyball requires a smooth but not overbearing body. But the sand available in Pokhara is not of that nature. "We are bringing sand and picking it up again and scattering it in court," he said. Sand from the Seti river and the Yamdi river have been used for the field.

Six courts are being constructed in Barahi Maidan for gardens. The court has yet to set a poll.

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