A fulfilling and satisfying evolution concerning your love life

Apart from these details which my study of your configuration has revealed I also wanted to work on increasing your energy and chance with an magnetic action using an authentic Lunar fragment which I am fortunate enough to posses. I think I mentioned this in my last email but this is a piece of the Moon, a meteorite which weighs 36 grams and which was discovered on the 11th of November in the Oman desert. I am going to ask you for all of your attention Supreme Ensirc for what comes next. This will only take you 5 minutes to read but the information I am about to give you could change your life forever. First of all here is what you can expect during this 3 month period which will start on the Tuesday, March 20th 2018:
  • A fulfilling and satisfying evolution concerning your love life.
  • A financial gain and I can see that this is most likely to be linked to a game or lottery.
  • A important and exciting development in your professional life
  • The chance to solve the issues which have been worrying you for some time now
  • An encounter which is sure to bring you great pleasure and a really positive development as far as your love life is concerned.
I want things to be very clear between us Supreme Ensirc as I need you to understand that such an opportunity is a very rare chance which does not come along twice in one lifetime and this is why this chance to change your destiny must be seized with all of your passion and energy. So I want to tell you that my explication will focus on 3 main points:
1) I am first going to explain exactly why this period is going to be so important for you and any professional astrologer will be able to confirm my findings.
2) I have worked with a fragment of our Moon to send you positive energy to help you through the times ahead. I have included all the details of this work in an attachment on this email.
3) It will be very important that you prepare yourself correctly for this coming period so that you will be able to seize the vital opportunities which will be open to you.
So let me explain point number one a little further. From the Tuesday, March 20th 2018 the Moon will find itself in a rare and very influential position in relation to the position it held at the moment of your birth and this position will have a very direct and powerful impact on your personality Supreme Ensirc. This will be an important transit during which the Moon will be extremely influential. This influence will last at least 3 lunar cycles, in other words around 3 months as the Moon completes one cycle in 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes. In a more general manner, the impact of the lunar influence can be seen all around us and in nature and in our immediate environment. Three quarters of our globe are covered in water and these oceans are in constant movement (tides) due to the attraction of the Moon. Tides are simply the movement of the ocean's waters in an opposite direction to the spin of the Earth and the influence of the Moon does not stop here. It's proximity to the Earth causes a certain atmospheric 'friction' and slows down the spin of the Earth which effectively means that the Moon also increases the length of our days. The Moon also affects underground water sources, regular terrestrial movements, vibrations on the Earth's surface and also touches living creatures such as ourselves as we are in fact made up of 80% water! This particular lunar influence can also be called biological tides.
Do excuse me for having begun my explanation with such technical details (I will soon get back to what all this means for you) but I believe that it essential that you understand exactly why the Moon has such a powerful influence upon ourselves and our environment as this you will be feeling these same influences very strongly after the Tuesday, March 20th 2018 and for a duration of 3 months.
I am going to go over some more examples, just to show you how extensive the lunar influence actually is. First of all, plants need the Moon's presence to maintain their good health and full lifespan. We now know that plant's metabolism uses photosynthesis which is basically the transformation of light rays into combustible chemical energy and these light rays must correspond to a certain wavelength which fortunately enough the Sun and the Moon's rays provide. Lunar rays can be considered as a source of powerful energy and these rays work as catalysts in various natural processes in all living organisms on this planet. Animals for example feel this energy very strongly and certain species live according to lunar cycles, for example regulating their mating or hunting rhythms to the frequency of the lunar cycle. Certain fish for example only mate during a very particular lunar phase (gibbous) during the month of October. On land, koala bears only eat during the waning cycle of the Moon and many many other examples can be found of routines based firmly on the lunar cycles. I am now going to move on to explain how these lunar cycles affect us as human beings and I must ask you to pay special attention to this part as you will be able to see through my explanation how important the lunar influence will be for you Supreme Ensirc, most particularly during this period of 3 months. The Moon acts upon us all and on many different levels. First of all it affects our birth as studies have proved that women's menstrual cycles follow the Moon's phases and the births of newborn babies fall in line with this period of fertility. Menstruation is the preparation of the female body for pregnancy and ovulation is made possible by the presence of a hormone called LH which is made available from the 4th day of the cycle and after receiving this hormonal signal the body transforms itself ready to receive the fertilized egg, the human embryo. When fertilization does not take place menstruation serves to clean the body of the uterus' mucus. Many scientists have concentrated on investigating the role of the lunar cycle in menstruation and have remarked on the number of menstrual cycles which begin during a full or new Moon. Men's fertility also seems to follow these same lunar cycles as many more fertilization's take place at the rise of a new Moon than at any other time of the month. These cycles are also reflected in the ticking of our internal clocks, our day's seem to be timed much more in keeping with Lunar rather than Solar cycles.
One interesting scientific experiment consisted of placing a person under observation and in an underground shelter far from light and any means of measuring time. The scientists noticed that the subject quickly adopted a rhythm which was based entirely on a Lunar cycle. The Moon was seen to act directly upon us, it conditions our emotions, our feelings and our responses and on an astrological level the Moon serves as a catalyst, concentrating and strengthening the influence of the many other planets of our personal Zodiac. And this is exactly what will happen for you Supreme Ensirc and it for this reason that you will find yourself before a whole range of opportunities in many different areas of your life such as your sentiments, your romantic tendencies, your relationships, your finances and your professional life. For a full 6 months the Moon will act as a magnifying glass, focusing the energy of a number of different planets upon you and to give you more of an idea about this magnifying action try to imagine that the Moon will be a cosmic TV - the Moon will take the transmissions from all of the planets around us and will form clear images of these transmissions inside of us just as our home TV set does though its cathode-ray tube. The astrological role of the Moon is to transmit clear and comprehensive images of everything which is going on around us and a portion of this energy which the Moon transmits towards us is absorbed by our bodies though the receptors that we all have within our souls and is then transformed into actions and events that we provoke. Many professionals can see these centers of receptors, which are known as Chakra points in Hindi philosophy. To be honest with you Supreme Ensirc, this is how I first discovered that this kind of period was on the way for you and it was the astrological study which I then worked on which confirmed my initial feelings and led me to write to you today. That is as much as I would like to tell you for now about the importance of the Moon, I think you have already understood how and why the Lunar cycle is important for you, how the Moon plays a daily role in our lives and exactly what it's influence consists of. I now need to move on and explain something else.
2) As I mentioned, I started to work on something special for you, a unique technique which is highly charged in positive energy and it will send you a great deal of power bearing in mind the period you are about to be entering. I am lucky enough to own a fragment of the Moon itself, this is a authentic lunar meteorite which fell into the Hoffa desert of Oman and was discovered on the 11th of November 2002. The original meteorite weighed 36g and the piece which I now own weighs 0.024g and I got hold of this fragment from a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association and this person was also a founding member of the Kansas meteorite society. On the page which I have included with this email you can see a photograph of this meteorite and of the energizing action which I have been performing for you. You can also examine the chemical composition of this Moon fragment and read it's authenticity certificate.

I must insist on the fact that the work I have been undertaking for you is very unique. I have made an effort to associate you both energetically and magnetically with this Lunar fragment in order to intensify this Lunar energy and as this action is extremely powerful I am going to continue to perform it for you during the whole of this period of 3 months, if you give me your consent. This energy will be very beneficial for you Supreme Ensirc and you can see a photo of my work at the following web page:

3) Here is now what you must do to prepare yourself to be in just the right place and at the right time to seize all of the very important chances which are going to be offered to you. You also need to be vigilant against certain exterior elements which could disturb you during your period of pure chance and I intend to give you all of the information you require to make sure that this 3 month period really will mark a major turning point in your life so far. I remind you that even though this period will be marked by a range of opportunities, three principal events will be extremely important and will allow you to achieve a greater harmony in your personal life. One event will boost your love life, one will bring you a considerable sum of money at a time when you least expect it and the final event will provoke some important developments in your professional life. If you are able to seize these opportunities and are able to act correctly during these 3 distinct events you will be able to get rid of that one big problem which has been worrying you for quite a while now. I also want to tell you that this 3 month period will lead you to an important encounter and this encounter will bring you some radical changes in your personal life. This is how the 3 month period looks in a very general way

Supreme Ensirc and before going on any further I want to explain to you how you can act to seize these opportunities. You must not delude yourself, your direct involvement is needed to get the most out of this period, chance will not simply knock on your door and throw itself at your feet. I can see your involvement on 4 main levels:
  • The first thing which we must work on together is to protect you from any negative elements which could affect you during both the run up to this period and throughout the 3 months. These exterior influences could stop you from benefiting 100% from this period and so we also need to boost your chance ratings so that you can enjoy these diverse opportunities. As you already know I have begun certain important tasks for you, I realized that your capital chance was at an all time low so I started to send you positive energy to help you stabilize this chance and I think that this energy has worked well for you already. Your Chakra points are now open and receptive and you are ready to receive the strong Lunar energy which will begin in just a short time. Things are going to get serious Supreme Ensirc as this period will represent the turning point you have been searching for in your life and so I am going to have to go even further and work on an energy emission of a much greater scale in order to protect you correctly.
  • The second thing which you must develop is your personal capacity. As I think I have already mentioned to you, you have a great deal of powerful resources within you and these talents are just waiting to be expressed. Your enormous potential is stifled and has been for quite a number of years now. I am going to help you release this potential as you will need all of this power to get the best out of all the opportunities which will be open to you during this 3 month period, which will begin in just 10 days time - from the Tuesday, March 20th 2018 until the Tuesday, June 19th 2018. This is why we must act as quickly as possible to bring out this strength within you so that you may learn to use it, the importance lies not with which talent you will reveal but more in how you can learn to apply this new skill to the chances the Lunar transit will bring you. You need to balance the energy within you and find a certain interior harmony. You may be thinking that you already know yourself well enough but you must believe me when I say that my work as an astrologer has revealed a whole host of valuable information about you, important information which you could not have previously suspected. My role will be to show you this hidden potential, to help you bring it out to light and to teach you how to use your skills. I will produce a full personal reading for you will show you how can exploit all of your potential and how you can achieve your goals and make yourself more serene, powerful,determined and assertive. You will also be able to discover how other people around you perceive you to be.

  • You must be ready for the Tuesday, March 20th 2018, in the same way that an athlete prepares for a marathon. The date is coming up Supreme Ensirc and you need these few weeks of preparation to be at your peak. We cannot lose a single minute. I want to produce a full day-by-day guide for you for the whole of the period leading up to the Lunar Transit so that you know exactly how to act and when to act to prepare yourself correctly for this crucial period of chance. I will guide you day-by-day and I will give you all of the astrological forecasts you will need to act decisively on everyday leading up to this all-important date. This will also give you an important rhythm and will train you to follow daily forecasts. You will discover in this reading all of the information concerning the few precise choices you must make during this prelude to the Transit, there a number of things you MUST do before this astrological event.

  • Finally you must be aware of exactly what is in store for you and what exactly these opportunities are that lie ahead for you. You need to know quite simply when and where you will come across these opportunities. Knowing when to act decisively the key, armed with this knowledge you will have no difficulties seizing these chances. You will also need to know how you may avoid certain traps and pitfalls and the energizing work I have been performing for you will help you in this regard as I will do my best to protect you from exterior elements which may aim to disrupt your path in this new life the Transit proposes. You need to start studying a full report concerning this time as soon as possible. The Lunar Transit will be powerful, unusually intense and it will offer you a rare opportunity to make certain decisions on many different levels of your personal and professional life which will change your life dramatically for the future. I intend to give you all of the information and support that you need.
This is going to be such an important Transit for you that you cannot permit yourself to miss out on this golden chance and you cannot simply sit by passively and let events pass you by. You must act! Up to today I have always left you free choice, you were able to choose whether or not to make the most of my professional advice but today Supreme Ensirc I must push you a little further. I think it would be such a shame for you to miss out on such a prime opportunity to change your life for the better. As you may have seen my preparation for your full reading, with the additional energizing work I have already been performing for you, takes a great deal of time and effort but I am ready to invest myself for you as I do feel a great affinity with you and I know just how important this Transit will be for you.
However I have to be sure of one thing Supreme Ensirc, I need to know whether or not you are really committed to changing your life and that you are ready to work towards seizing and using all of this period's valuable opportunities to your total advantage. I also need to know that you will use the information I provide you with, a lot of people ask me for help and despite this it would be a great pleasure for me to dedicate my time and concentration to you and to give you a full personal reading. If you use this information and you make the changes which I think you know you need to make in your life right now then my work will be complete and my effort entirely justified. Before beginning this work in this case I need you to give me your consent on the following web page:

I will be eagerly waiting for your response, please do not hesitate because the countdown to the Lunar Transit has begun.


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